Urban leather jackets are a timeless classic, perfect for the rebel soul

If there is one defining garment that truly epitomises ‘rebel soul’, it’s the iconic leather jacket. Part of the urban underground, the leather jacket is a wardrobe essential that remains a timeless classic regardless of the season.

Irving Schott, co-founder of the New York City based outwear company – Schott Bros and keen biker, created the first ever motorcycle jacket. It was named ‘Perfecto’ – after his favourite Cigar and designed for Beck distributors, a Harley-Davidson distributor in Long Island. The jacket retailed for just $5.50.

Yet, nobody could ever have predicted the long-term impact the design would have upon the fashion industry.

Leather jackets soon became the uniform of bikers or bad boy rebels in the Hollywood age, a symbol of rebellion that represented freedom for youngsters in the 50’s and 60’s.

Cult classics featured the Schott motorcycle jackets, with Marlon Brando in “The Wild Ones” and James Dean in “Rebel without a Cause” both donning them, much to the delight of anarchistic teens. They also became the unofficial uniform of punk rock bands – The Sex Pistols were rarely seen without leather jackets which were worn alongside edgy boots and safety pins, allowing them to emanate an aura of effortlessly cool rebellion that so many craved.

Since that time, leather jackets have come a long way – crossing over in to high fashion, with experimental ways to wear them constantly emerging and evolving.

But you don’t have to look any further than RADDAR7 for the perfect jacket, who’s range of urban leathers have been designed wholly for the rebel soul.

We created our leather jackets for the insurgent, those who live life according to their own rules; those who are apparent outlaws and whose tune we all want to dance to. These are people who, by their very nature, exist outside the rules and regulations that pigeon-hole the rest of us. These people are rock ‘n’ roll.

Take the Rocker Leather Jacket – a garment which embodies this spirit of rebellion and defiance.


The Rocker jacket, from RADDAR7, has taken the classic elements, laid down by the early icons of rock ‘n’ roll and evolved them. This is the spirit of rebellion set against the backdrop of the 21st Century. Handmade, no attention to detail has been spared, from the expert stitching to the position of the zippers.

Get yours online now.

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Urban leather jackets are a timeless classic, perfect for the rebel soulRaddar7

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