Walking along the hazy, urban-cool streets of East London on any day or evening is a feast for the fashion senses and we at R7 eat it all up! Men and women saunter by, maybe heading to a gig with friends, or to eat at a new pop-up restaurant; the city is their catwalk, and they definitely look the part.  

But what is often so striking about these young urbanites is how effortlessly they are able to mix an uber-chilled, fashion-forward vibe, with a sense of style that is also noticeably individualistic.  With all the eye-catching combinations of beautifully crafted rock leather jackets, graphic print tee’s, and quirky accessories on display, it’s easy to get intoxicated by thoughts of riding-free down the long and open roads of iconic Route66 on the back of a Harley Davidson, blasting out Guns n’ Roses…before remembering that you are, in fact, street-side, people-watching, and halfway through a flatwhite, but at least you’re still wearing your own, R7, 100% lamb’s leather jacket, with metallic stripe detailing, so all is not lost!

This is the style philosophy espoused by us at R7. Whilst having our finger firmly on the pulse of emerging trends, and particularly, drawing inspiration from the rich and diverse world of art, R7, at it’s heart, creates fashion for the individual who refuses to be tamed.




From Rebel Without A Cause to Jack Kerouac’s On The Road…



A good traveller is one who does not know where he is going to…


Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we..


Nowhere is this reflected more perfectly than in the rock leather jacket, and we at R7 have some distinctive and beautiful offerings in this department. Whether you are looking for a simple black biker jacket to transport you seamlessly from day to evening, or something more decadent with embellishments to match, all of our choices are made with quality and design in mind first and foremost, and all are unmistakably unique.

There is something undeniably masculine, and unerringly cool, about leather; its smell, touch, and look, are evocative of non-conformity and easy rebellion, and bring to mind those dangerously handsome icons of the past.

Here at R7 we know that leather remains a by-word for both quality and durability, the obvious choice for the discerning buyer of luxury brands, as well as the rugged individualist. It’s easy to throw on a leather jacket to give your street style credentials an instant boost, or even just to elevate some basic wardrobe staples, but it can also be a reflexion of a person’s wider tastes and lifestyle choices.

Perhaps more than anything else, the word “leather” conjures up images of rock n’ roll, and the self-expression and freedom that can be found through music. An item such as the leather biker jacket has been worn by lovers of anything from 50’s rockabilly to 70’s punk rock, and it’s quite possible, given it’s longevity, that those original mods and rockers are still wearing their jackets today.

All of R7’s leather jackets are perfect for whatever small acts of rebellion you may choose to indulge in, and, of course, for wearing whilst riding off into the sunset…



The alchemists of past centuries tried hard to make the elixir of life…

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