Behind the scenes of RADDAR7’s printed T shirts

Have you ever wondered what makes our foil prints and tattoo tees so fabulously unique? Well here is your chance to find out as we take you behind the scenes of RADDAR7’s studios and show you how our printed t-shirts are created, right from the initial design to the final printed product.

Unlike any other clothing brand, we commission exclusive artwork from the most talented emerging artists. To make sure we hire the very best, we only recruit from the top London art colleges or through fashion media. This ensures every collection is created to the highest possible standard.

Every single RADDAR7 collection comes from a different artist – the only thing we ask is that at the heart of their artwork is the element of dark romanticism. They’re then free to let their creative juices flow.

The art is originally designed on a canvas and then, working with a leading fashion print designer, RADDAR7 develop textile prints using themes, details and moods to create the final print. This is a metamorphosis from original artwork to a unique print that combines art and fashion in textile development.

Our printing techniques are incredibly advanced and whilst most would struggle with being able to print black digitally, (or printing on black material) RADDAR7s unique technique allows exceptional clarity of colour due the exceedingly refined process.

Our tees also differ as unlike other clothing brands, our print can cover the entire garment meaning we are developing unique printed textiles- not just t-shirts.

Fusing fashion and art – we stand out from any other clothing label.

From hand printing techniques to digital techniques with foils, metallic and leather look details, there is nothing we will stop at to bring you exclusive fashion.

Our printed tees are all available to buy online today so there’s really no reason why you should miss out.

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Behind the scenes of RADDAR7’s printed T shirtsRaddar7

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